Welcome to the Sterling Historical Society

Welcome to the Sterling Historical Society

Welcome to the Sterling Historical SocietyWelcome to the Sterling Historical SocietyWelcome to the Sterling Historical Society

Preserving our Town's Rich History

President's Message


Where do I start, perhaps January when Leigh started with phone calls about grants? We have been very busy with grant writing, figuring out what goes into restoring our Caboose. I am happy to inform you that we received a $5000. grant from Central New York Community Foundation to help with the Caboose restoration. We are currently submitting another grant application for further restoration of the Caboose. We also sided the storage building, we participated in the fourth of July parade in Fair Haven, getting volunteers for the weekends for our visitors, having our programs once a month, along with the H3C meetings (Historical Coalition of Cayuga County.), getting ready for the ornaments to be ordered along with getting times and dates correct for the calendar for 2019. It doesn’t sound like much when it’s put down on paper and if you total the hours then I really do know where summer went.

As usual the A-Team was extremely busy either tearing the Caboose apart, cleaning the trucks and under carriage or figuring out how to put it back together with material that would be original to that era. Many, many hours were spent building the Caboose but together they got it done… starting April 23 on tearing it apart to enclosing the Caboose for winter on October 30. It was quite a labor of love and determination on their parts.
Our programs last year were very well attended unlike our visitors for the weekends. Unfortunately, our weekends were not well attended. We would like to encourage any suggestions that members may have to increase our weekend attendance. We have a lot of history here in Sterling that we would love to share.

Thank You as always for your generous donations to keep the Little Red Schoolhouse and Sterling Heritage Park running smoothly for all to enjoy.

On to a new year!
Pat Shortslef, President

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